Smart Wiring
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What is Smart Wiring?


Mac and PC Desktops


Voip Phones

Satellite TV

Sky and Freeview Decoders


Security Sensors


Linux Media Server

Surveillance Systems

DLP Projector


Smart Wiring is a structure of cabling that runs around a house for provision of services to various connected locations.

What can Smart Wiring do?
A Smartwiring system turns an ordinary home into a smart house by providing the ability to connect various devices around the house in a way that's useful to the homeowner.

What can I connect to a Smartwiring system?
You can connect anything that runs on ELV to a smart wiring system, for example an intercom system or a camera to keep an eye on the baby, the most common examples are listed below:

Computer Networking - linking two or more PC's together
File Sharing - the moving of files between
Printer Sharing - share a printer between multiple users
Internet Connections - share a connection with the net to several machines
Wireless Access Points - connect a WAP to an outlet to provide wireless  coverage
Routers - connect the house LAN to the ISP's WAN
Switches - connect any ethernet device to the LAN

There are several different types of voice services that can be run over a smart wiring network.
POTS - plain old Telephone service, this is the conventional analogue phone system
PABX - private Automatic Branch eXchange - "phone system"
Skype - internet based voice system
VOIP - TCPIP based voice system with QOS - Guaranteed Quality 

Analogue Free to Air TV VHF & UFH (Conventional TV)
Digital Free to Air TV via UHF antennae (Freeview Hi Def 1080p)
Digital Free to Air TV via Satellite Dish (Freeview Med Def 720i)

Satellite Pay TV services (pay per month)
Satellite Pay TV service (pay per view - requires a phone line)
IPTV - Video on demand ie

PIR's, Smoke Detectors, Piezo Sirens, Door Bugs, Roller Door Sensors Keypads and Panic Buttons are all wired back to a central location to protect you and your family.

Analogue Composite Video cameras via Cat5 baluns
Analogue S-Video Video cameras via Cat5 baluns
Hi Def 1080p HDMI camera images via dual Cat5 baluns
Web Cameras over TCPIP via Cat5 (no balun required)

Media Servers:
Media Storage and Delivery by Servers such as Windows Media Centre, Windows Vista, Linux Open Media Servers or Proprietary Embedded Media Servers.  These may stream directly to the display at Composite Video, S Video, Component Video or RGB (VGA) Video or HDMI Video. 

To deliver 1080p or higher content around a house without the need for baluns or fibre you can make use of a thin client in a remote room such as the XBOX360 or other thin client device to decode the IP stream back into into a Video and Audio signal.  This can then be bundled into an HDMI connector to feed a LCD screen or Projector.



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